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laia marti

muay thai, running

My hip hurt a lot. It hurt walking, standing still, sitting down. I was always in pain. The only thing that calmed it down was laying down.

My biggest frustrations were trying to find a doctor who had a straight answer to my symptoms and trying to find a physical therapist I could trust, since these days they just want to make sure you buy lots of sessions with them and you rarely get personalized treatment.

I never thought I would be running or kicking again. I just ran my first half marathon in November and I went back to muay thai this year. It’s nice to feel whole again.

You gave me options to work around my injury. Working out is a part of who I am. I’m extremely active, so it’s nice to have someone who actually understands that. I loved the personalized treatment. You care.


adam ramsay


I found Match Fit Performance through the Gotham Knights Rugby Football club... I received two injuries, one contusion and torn MCL in my left knee, and one rotator cuff injury...

The process of finding in network treatment was a nightmare... After an extensive search for an in network orthopedist with available appointments, I finally got a referral for in-network physical therapy. Ultimately it took more than 6 weeks from initial injury until I finally got treatment... At that point I had it in my mind that I would never play rugby again. All of the wasted time, energy and missed work for appointments at my age seemed foolish.

My first appointment with Rena was the first time I felt like I could continue playing rugby. They interviewed me extensively about my injuries, where the pain was, where I was physically before my injury, and what my goals were. Rena understood that I was an athlete, and that I wanted to be an athlete again. Immediately my attitude changed toward my recovery goals. I believed I could play rugby again...

The experience was far better than anything I had imagined just 8 months earlier when I became injured. I am forever in debt to Rena and Erwin for their dedication to my recovery process and me. I am certain I would not have returned to playing rugby without them.


jenny knauss

olympic weightlifting

I came in with shoulder impingement and pain in overhead movements.

Erwin addressed not just the pain, and not just the shoulder, but the entire movement pattern. We fixed the cause of the issue instead of just treating the symptoms.

Having someone who understands my needs as an olympic weightlifter and designs a program I can do any time, anywhere is invaluable and absolutely sets Erwin apart.