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can I use my insurance?

if you are experiencing discomfort that may be related to an injury, your plan may cover treatment with us. we can give you a superbill or invoice to submit to insurance for potential reimbursement.

if you are interested in seeking reimbursement, click here for questions to ask when talking with your insurance company.

we can help you understand what these numbers are, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

why don’t you participate with insurance?

we don’t believe that quality providers get reimbursed for their time.

we are out-of-network providers because we cannot give the best quality care by participating in-network.

insurance companies dictate what is reimbursed, and can control how many times you can work with your therapist. to determine these allowances, the insurance company usually utilizes people that have zero experience with rehabilitation.

almost like if an airline pilot had to tell a brain surgeon how to perform brain surgery.

additionally, most in-network companies depend on quotas and numbers to be profitable.

we don’t want to see people back to back and sacrifice the time we spend with you - why would you compromise your care with someone juggling yours?

we want to work with motivated and passionate individuals looking to grow and make changes to improve their lifestyle and performance.

what can I expect in our first session?

we spend our first session getting to know you and other things that may affect how you are feeling.

each session lasts 60 minutes and gives us the time to determine how to help you. there will usually be a treatment depending on what we find during the session.

please dress in clothing appropriate for movement relative to your issue; gym clothing, activewear, and athleisure wear is appropriate.

we are also respectful of all religious and personal observances. please inform us beforehand of any questions or concerns if you may have any.

what do I get after our first session?

at the end of the session, you will receive a detailed email that includes:

  1. a summary of what your therapist believes is the cause of your discomfort

  2. the estimated time of plan of care, including visits (determined by you and your physio)

  3. goals to be reached (determined by you and your physio)

  4. homework to help reinforce things we practiced in our session

  5. depending on your package, a strength & conditioning program and trend tracking suggestions to maximize your healing process.

if you walk out the door after our first session and forget anything, you can always call, email, or text us with any questions about what we talked about!

how can I schedule a session?

you can schedule a session by:

where are your hours and locations?

our schedules are available by appointment only.

we are accessible from 8a to 8p depending on season and availability.

our current locations are:

  • Flatiron

    • Modrn Sanctuary

    • TrainStation

  • Astoria

    • CrossFit Dynamix

  • Bronx

    • Concrete Jungle

    • Concrete Jungle Grit