our philosophy

we forge better athletes by building better humans


+ we are the tide

we aim to lead the charge and changes in healthcare by practicing ethically, simply, and with transparency and honesty.

our goal is to provide a platform for healthcare practitioners to be their best selves without sacrificing their ethics to make money.

burnout in the physical therapy profession is rampant; and when clinicians move away from who they are and what they believe in, they become unsatisfied and frustrated with themselves.

+ our culture pillars

are communication, education, and growth.

by educating ourselves, we can provide the best treatments possible. by educating others, we are able to help our athletes become involved in their healing process, because true rehabilitation includes the building of a resilient body, mindset, and the tools to improve beyond the rehabilitation process (what we call self-efficacy).

by communicating efficiently, we can be transparent and upfront about our and understand our athletes' expectations to make sure we are all on the same page.

by growth, we can make sure we and our athletes become better humans on and off their performance platform - this is because if we can be better humans, we can be better athletes AND make everyone around us better.

+ your body is resilient af.

because your body can adapt to change - despite what you hear from dinosaur medical providers: "you should never be deadlifting, you should never squat below parallel, you should stop being a human being..."

these ideas are unfounded half-truths that promote fear of movement where you should be empowered to challenge yourself and your body (within reason of course)!

+ an injury doesn't equal poor form

because an injury means that your tissue could not handle the demands that you placed on it at that point in time, not because you weren't picking up your laundry basket like a deadlift.

so when we work on rehabilitation and sport performance, we build the strength of your tissues (and your mind, too!) to help you feel confident in it without feeling afraid of re-injury.