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Lifestyle Coaching, Sport Performance & Training, Physical Therapy Services in New York City.

you are
more than your injury
and more than your goals.

it’s time you found a coach
that can help you
break through your limits.


we are more than
physical therapy and strength & conditioning.

we are #matchfitperformance

don’t call us your average physical therapist.

we’ll get slightly offended.


so what are you?

the best athletes and performers in the world have their own support staff to help them perform.

we like to call ourselves sports performance coaches, but have backgrounds as physical therapists and strength & conditioning coaches.

how can you help me?

we can coach you from your injury back to doing what you love to do - because pain free is only halfway there, and we’re not doing our job if you’re not fully participating in what you love to do without worrying about getting hurt.

and also, because you’ve got goals to smash and s*it to do - so having a coach that understands what you need and has worked with athletes of all levels from recreational to professional is important because you’re not just a sheet of cookie-cutter exercises.

who do you work with?

we work with athletes of any level that are dedicated to doing what they love to do.

what’s the difference between you and average physical therapy down the street?

we don’t pass you off to anyone, we’re always within phone’s reach, and we’re in your corner to help you grow, and not just push you out the door once your insurance has decided they’re not paying.

also, we don’t deal with insurance directly… because they do a great job of stealing your money and not helping you when you really need help.

We're your MF team.

we’re here to coach you through the five points and get you to be able to do what you love to do
so that your 2% is the best 2% it can be.