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sport performance | rehabilitation | physical therapy
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here’s some of what our clients have to say:



Chris Provost is the founder of Cobra Performance, and came to us with multiple areas of discomfort where we were able to work together to help address and help hip build resiliency in his movements to continue training - and work with his athletes so they could continue to smash PRs and goals.



Adam Ramsay was frustrated with the way his care was handled before he came to us as a rugby player with @gothamrugby, and we were able to work with him to return to performing before the biennial Bingham Cup. Here’s his story.



Tiffany Wan is a 5-time marathoner and endurance athlete, who found us after experiencing knee pain post 2017 NYC Marathon in between training for the Tokyo Marathon. She learned about how strength would dramatically change the way she trained with us at match fit performance.



Nicole found us after a bout of lower back discomfort in preparation for a powerlifting meet, and we were able to work with her to build her resiliency so she could continue to hit PRs and boss it as a Nurse at New York Eye and Ear.


you are more than an athlete.

our clients are passionate about what they love to do.

you are persistent, resilient, and driven.

these represent the three stars that adorn our crest.

you want to progress and feel empowered.

those stars are set in an upward slope to represent progress and growth.

through honesty, transparency, and simplicity,

these are the three virtues that we stand upon.

we work together, brick by brick,

because new york city was not built overnight.

to build great humans… not just athletes.

because who you are in life is more than just who you are on the pitch/court/field/floor you stand on.