our Manifesto


we're the next step in healthcare and fitness.

we pay attention to detail by spending 90 minutes with you to comb through your medical history, training data, nutrition, stressors, sleep quality, leaving no stone unturned to help you understand the trends that may be affecting your performance.

each of our clients leave sessions with a better understanding of their body and a positive shift in their mindset.

you're dedicated AF - and so are we.

our clients are driven, resilient, and persistent - they're always looking to give 100%, and want the most intelligent way to move forward, because they're tired of being burned out, tired of gimmicks and quick fixes, and don't want to see someone who doesn't give a s*it.

we only work with clients who are looking to really make a change in their lives, and to crush their MF goals.

your motivation is our motivation. and our motivation will fuel your success.

our philosophy: the 98%

there are 24 hours and 7 days in a week - that is 168 hours total.

if we're lucky, we spend 56 hours asleep. 112 hours.

we spend another 40 hours at work. 72 hours.

that leaves 72 hours to do anything other than work or sleep, but let's say you train 3x/week.

3 divided by 168 multiplied by 100 is 1.78%. (for generosity, we can round up to 2%).

why do you expect 2% to affect the other 98%?

we can get you to maximize the 98% to really squeeze the juice out of the other 2%.

we can get you to train smarter... and harder.


we don’t just build better athletes.

we build better human beings.


are you hyped yet?
what are you waiting for?