we work together with our athletes on a direct one-on-one basis through our whole time together.

we don’t pass you off to a tech, an ATC, or personal trainer - each of our staff are licensed and certified to help build your program specifically for you and you alone - because traditional physical therapy can’t spend the time with you to build your progress.

each of our programs are based on how often you’d like to work together with us, and are recommended for any athlete looking to work on building their ability to perform (break through plateaus, stagnancy, burnout) or looking to recover from an injury.


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base tier

1 in-person visit/month

3 remote check-ins/month

strength and conditioning program planning

indicator tracking

silver tier

2 in-person visits/month

strength and conditioning program planning

indicator tracking

gold tier

4 in-person visits/month

strength and conditioning program planning

indicator tracking

in-person versus remote check-ins

in-person visits are conducted at one of our amazing affiliate facilities, and our in-person sessions last at least 60 minutes.

our remote check-ins are blocked for at least 30 minutes so that we can catch up and learn more about how you are feeling relative to the work we’ve assigned to you - that way, we can make sure that your growth and progress is on course.

strength and conditioning planning

each tier includes a program plan for four weeks.

the four week program will be tailored to your growth and healing progress, especially because your ability to grow is dictated by our ability to put stress on the tissue we want to develop - because our body does not progress if we don’t load it adequately.

this means that we don’t just focus on resistance bands and body weight exercises (not that they’re all bad!) but because your body needs to be able to handle greater than 2-4 times it’s own body weight in activities like running,

indicator tracking

the best strength and conditioning programming can be derailed by things like poor sleep, nutrition, and stress management.

our systems and tiers are dedicated to maximizing your ability to gain the most from your strength and conditioning programming, because your growth is dependent on these multiple external factors.

traditional physical therapy does not take the time to account for these factors - so when we address these things, our athletes end up getting a bit more bang for their buck!

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