The Patient's Guide to Insurance, Part 3: WHY US?

Alright, our last part of the trilogy addresses insurance and what that has to do between you (the patient) and us at Match Fit Performance. 

Take a deep breath, because here - we - go.



If you haven't already seen our first post, then you should go back and read it. And the second post. 

You don't have to choose us - it's not a mandatory choice. Yes, we charge a good chunk of change, and yes, you may have to pay more money upfront, but our patients value us because of some (yes, just some!) of the services we provide:

We will go for a run to watch you move. We will work out with you at your favorite workout class and suffer alongside you to figure out what's going on. You can reach out to ask if you think something is worse, or if you want to know if the workout of the day is appropriate for you at that point in your plan of care. You can ask us to come to your practice, your game, or your show, because we want to support you.

In our case, we are confident that you will receive the quality that you pay for. 

We value YOU, not because you are our job, but because we are invested in your health and your success. Your troubles are our troubles, and we champion your victories. 

Let us help you #getmatchfit.

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