#getmatchfit: "hacking gainz" and building "control"

#getmatchfit: "hacking gainz" and building "control"


What does it mean to be Match Fit?

It means much more than training just like an athlete; training 4 times a week is only 3% of that time. Because of the time you don’t spend training, being able to maximize your gains means you need to prioritize your recovery.

When training, building resilience in athletes is important in potentially reducing the risk of injury.

We are looking to help build strong athletes that can enjoy their sports and hobbies for years to come, because that’s what drives our practice.

We’re going to talk everything that athletes neglect between sessions, including rest, sleep, diet, workload, and mobility.

Looking to get next level? Join us.

Who should come: 
- athletes looking to pull some knowledge and focus on maximizing their gainz by paying attention to things that get neglected.
- trainers looking to understand what we do and provide value to their ideal clients.
- anyone looking to learn about what we focus on at Match Fit Performance.
- anyone interested in getting to their next level.

Registration: $100, via our website on Match Fit Performance. $150 day of.

If you’re interested in our bring a friend rate, please DM us after you’ve both registered!

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