our Manifesto


We set out in 2013 to change the perception of physical therapy.

we got sick and tired of seeing clients that have been told things like: "you should never squat," "deadlifting is dangerous," "running is bad for you..." and the list grows every day.

we're not your average physical therapy practice.

we are not going to change your body or re-invent the wheel.

we want to help your body heal while continuing to move.

we're not here to sell you stupid novelty gadgets that get used incorrectly, beat you with tools until you turn all shades of blue, or tell you that you need to see us more than twice a week because things are 'out of whack,' or your 'spinal alignment' is off...

because 'ain't nobody got time fo' dat,' and if that's the case, you've got bigger problems.

What we do is a delicate and personal process: we guide your body along a path to improve movement, reduce or manage limitations, and build efficiency.

How do we do that?

we give you the tools to understand 'the process,' to put the work in behind 'the process,' and to get to the lofty goals that you wish to achieve.

What is 'the process?'

'the process' includes helping you move or do what you need to do while managing your discomfort, in order to give your body a chance to heal - and to give you the tools to keep you from coming back with the same issues, because you don't have the time to be injured...

you've got things to conquer.


We give you the tools.

We Guide you through the process.

THen YOU CARPe your diem, MF-er.


are you hyped yet?
what are you waiting for?